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Prescription for Eternal Youth. Eternal Life. Life Extension Tips: Non Fiction Books Best Sellers Self Help (Kindle Best sellers Book 2)

Price: £3.59
(as of Aug 10,2020 07:29:15 UTC – Details)

This is a revised edition of one of the best selling Amazon books in 2017: 68 Reverse Aging Therapies Backed Up By Science: How To Get 20 Years Younger: Fountain of Youth Found? In this book you will find 68 therapies from all over the World – USA, Russia, China, Japan, etc. which can reverse the aging process and make you age backwards and get decades younger. It can be your personal reverse-aging Bible. This non fiction best seller will introduce you to therapies, designed to reverse aging either naturally, through a pill or through a certain procedure. It will tell you what works and what doesn’t work based on the experience of people who have tried it, what the science says about these therapies and what is coming up in the pipeline, which will make you immortal.
Your chances of reversing aging to an extent that would satisfy you even if you follow the best vegan diet and work out religiously are quite slim and here you will find things you can do way beyond good diet and nutrition.
In this book you will read about life extension, HGH, human placenta, telomeres, telomerase and telomere lengthning, how to create stem cells, stem cell research and stem cell therapy, immortal technique, how to reverse the aging process, anti aging super foods, anti aging diet, anti aging products and supplements, anti aging cream, many other anti aging tips, the fountain of youth, the alchemy of growing younger, how to be forever young and forever living, secrets of eternal youth and eternal life, youth pill, etc.

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