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How to Become Amazon Bestselling Author: The 6-Weeks Blueprint to the Amazon Bestseller List… In 5—Secret Steps.

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I work with writers, lots of them, and love their work. From fiction to non-fiction, self-help to technical books: I love them all. I’ve spent my life around books. I spend my working days around books and I reserve a few for my vacations. I love their smell. I love the new Kindle digital books. I love to listen to audiobooks while riding the train. Mostly importantly, I love to read. Writers love writing and spend a lot of time focused on what they write about, including the best words to convey their thoughts, spelling and grammar. People like me then make comments on book titles, book covers, we ask for a couple of marketing zingers and prepare the book launching campaigns. Some books flop while others surprisingly hit the bestselling lists.Through the years, I have been using all sorts of marketing strategies to make books hit the bestseller lists: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, online marketing, and so on. I have tried and mastered them all. I’ve made mistakes, learned from them and improved my strategies. I still don’t think that I am much of a writer, but I can help you to become an Amazon Bestselling Author in 6 weeks.Is it hard, simple, expensive or cheap? Does it take a lot of experience with launching books or can anyone do it? All you have to do is focus on writing the books on subjects you love and those ideas can be put out there for reader enjoyment. The rest is very simple as there are no extra charges and anyone can do it. Below you will find a 5- step strategy to hit the bestseller list on Amazon and see for yourself how readers will take notice of you, buy your books and become loyal followers of your written work.

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