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Amazon.Best.Sellers Stretchy String 5Pcs/Set Fidget Toys Anti-Anxiety Squishies Sensory Toys

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Stretchy String 5Pcs/Set Fidget Toys Anti-Anxiety Squishies Sensory Toys
Stretches from 11 Inches to 8 Feet – Best Stress Reducer Relieves Boredom
Do you still finding a new & innovative fidget toy or sensory tactile toy to decompression? Stretchy String are perfect for you! They are a bounce back rubber bands, weather you stretch,wrap,throw or squeeze them,they will bounce back to the original kind! They are realy perfect for kids playing and adult for reduce stress!
Bend Your Stress Away with Stretchy Strings. A New Fidget / Sensory Toy for Kids. You can stretch, twirl, and squeeze these strings like Squishies. Simple and fun to play.
Comes 5 Colors In A Pack: Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow.Made with high quality non-toxic TPR materials, these strings are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free. they are soft, flexible, strong, durable, very safe for kids to play.
Ideal for fidgety hands, helps relieve stress as well as promote focusing and attention.
Fits kids over 3 years old, beautiful bright colors which make boys and girls love to play.
Stretchy String, Stretches from 11 inches to 5 feet!
QUALITY: Our premium fidget noodle is strong, durable, and safe for kids and adults. made with high quality material, non-toxic, latex free!
BENEFITS: Supports self-regulation, calming fidgets, increases focus and concentration, easing social anxiety, anti-stress,good for kids with ADHD and autism.
Product description: The Stretchy noodle is the new trending fidget toy, you can pull it, twirl it, squeeze it and tie it in knots! Easy and fun to use and comes in many colors!
The BEST sensory toys / stress relief toys / fidget toys! Perfect adult toys, good for ADHD, autism kids, adult fidget, desk toys, sensory fidgets. Easy and fun anti-stress toys
Package Include:
5 Pcs Colorful Sensory Fidget Stretch Toys

► Kids love our big soft squishy toy package, there are a good choice as a fantastic present or give them separately as birthday party favours for boys or girls. Not just for kids!These make excellent squishy stress toys for adults, keep one at home, in the car and on your desk at work to squeeze your way to instant stress relief.
► GREAT STRESS RELIEF: Relieving stress is something you owe to yourself, your health and your very well-being!Apart from fun, these squishies relieve stress and anxiety, whilst providing relaxation for the whole family when needed. Helps stay focused at work, commute, travel, exam times and more!Perfectly fits in your hand , extremely portable to take on the go anywhere!An all-in-one stress and anxiety solution for anyone!Incredible convenience and zero hassles!
► For more product information, please go to the product selection section for further information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We guarantee 100% satisfaction
► Factory direct sales, no middle to earn price difference, inexpensive, peace of mind products.

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