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Amazon Best Seller Rank Explained: Choose Your Next Kindle E-book Title: Use Amazon Sales Rank to Choose What Your Next Kindle Book Should Be About By Looking at Competitor’s Amazon Sales Rank

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This e-book is designed for authors and publishers, who are considering writing a Kindle e-book and do not know what their next title should be. By the end of this e-book you will be able to understand how Amazon Best Seller Rank works and how you can use it in order to select profitable niches. No prior knowledge is needed, as everything will be gone through step by step.
About This E-book:
Many people do not know, which niches can be profitable and which ones are not, which makes it difficult to choose, what you want to write about. If you want to succeed in launching your own Kindle business you need to have an understanding of Amazon Best Seller Rank, as you can predict what niches will be profitable.
At the end of this e-book you will be able to evaluate your competition and use Amazon Best Seller Rank in order to determine, which niches you should stay away from and more importantly what niches are likely to be profitable.
Contents and Overview:
Understand what is Amazon Best Seller Rank
Know where you can find Amazon Best Seller Rank
Be able to convert Amazon Best Seller Rank to an approximate amount of e-books sold every day
Know how to choose a niche, which will be profitable

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